WVC Shopping Request

NB - This page is not yet live and is being tested. Prices are examples.

During the Coronavirus emergency we have set up a simple shopping request form, please select the items you want, or add them to the free-text area. We will source all your shopping from the local shops and bring to you as soon as possible. We will inform you of the total cost of your shopping and any issues or changes made at the time of delivery.

The volunteer will use the “Secret Word/Phrase” set when you place your request, this is to reassure you of the bonafide of the person at your door. 

If you have any suspicion, please do not open the door, call us on 01784 482515 to verify the identity.

DO NOT PAY AT THE POINT OF ORDER or DELIVERY. We will contact you separately to collect payment, by cheque, card or cash.

Volunteers name
This is your secret word, which the volunteer will use when. arriving at your house, so that you know they are genuinely from Wraysbury Voluntary Care. Never let anyone into your house, unless you are sure who they are. If no word is supplied, we will call you to confirm the name of the volunteer.
Please list other required (NB Not included in the price shown here) We can only supply items available in the local shops.