Wraysbury Scouts Christmas Post

Wraysbury Scouts will be continuing the tradition of delivering Christmas cards to residents of Wraysbury and Horton villages. Stamps will be available from the village shops from December 4th for the bargain price of 30p and they will deliver on Sundays 15th & 22nd December.

Please help to maintain this local tradition and valuable fund raising event for our scouts by sending all your local cards using this service.

St Andrews Victorian Garden Party Today (Sat 31/8) from 1.30pm at The Grange. This is the 15th year this great village event has run, Come along and enjoy the fun. Ploughman’s lunch available from Wraysbury Volunteers – all proceeds going to help support the village

Wraysbury.com – Wraysbury Community Website to be relaunched

We are relaunching Wraysbury.com, as the portal for all things Wraysbury. It will hopefully be a central point to access any information on our amazing community. We need help!

If you can help, please do contact us at [email protected]

The roles we would love to fill are:

News Editors – to monitor and publish news stories, stories that are of general interest in the village, to ensure that our users are kept up to date… It is expected that initially this will be a group, who may initially want to discuss the “Newsworthyness” of proposed stories. To publish “News Flashes” on our Twitter feed – It is intended these will be “Big” news.

Content Editors – to find new non-news content, clubs societies, businesses etc that are not already on the site, helping them create their content. NB – No computer experience required, we can upload the information, once we have it.

We will create a Management Committee to oversee the running of the site, who will principally be the editors (above), who will become responsible for the direction and breadth of content. Questions they will need to decide:
To what extent do we open the site and content to public comments?
How do we define “Wraysbury & Horton” as a catchment area, do we allow companies that serve the village, but aren’t based here feature on the site? – Currently we are working with a definition of “Predominantly Serving”…